Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Mike Tomlin Era

Based on what I hear from this article, and becoming all too familiar with Bill Cowher's faults as a coach, I am psyched about the Bill Cowher era. I think also due to this article, that I may become a part-time fan of the Cardinals, who hopefully will become Steelers South (in attitude, though hopefully not in personnel--like Alan Faneca.) And Russ Grimm knows how to grill.

I am inclined to think that the Steelers may have more talent on hand than we were led to believe in the Cowher era. Cowher was known as a players coach, but that can translate to "playing favorites." As the Peter King article says, Tomlin had no problem benching Fred Smoot when his play dropped off, and I'm hoping he will bring that same "produce and you'll play" attitude--there's just too many asides by Steelers reporters and insiders about so and so being held behind, or yanked, or whatever (Ike Taylor, Santonio Holmes, and Willie Colon come to mind) due to Cowhers capriciousness.